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Healthy Eats for Hospital Heroes


Take an under used commerial kitchen, a health conscious chef, a 400 eggs donated by Outpost Natural Food and you have the 

What started as an effort to get healthy food into the hands of frontline nurses has been expanded to include testing clinics in under served neighborhoods around the city. 

Kathy Papineau


Who else is involved?

Eggs story?

Passing energy on to the community. 

Serving the population at risk. Reaching the people who are most vulnerable. Providers. 

Lots of solo work. Have to remain vigillant. Kitchen helpers are social distancing. Extra precautions. Keeping the crew at a minimum.  Breadsmith bread was hit hard. Purchasing. Making from scratch.

Salmon burger. Cobb Salad. Energy balls with dates. Cocanut oil. Rolled in oatmeal. Gluton free. Organic Zuchini. Fruits and Vegitables. No jump. 

3-4 more weeks. based on donations. As long as donations. 

Chance to get back in the kitchen. Keep business going at the same time. 

Five weeks. Hispanic Community hot spot. Wed Thurs. 375  255 to 16th + 12 to Froedert. Lunches. Less need. 

Community Clinics doing testing. Five gallons of veggie chili from outpost.  hundreds of dozens of eggs from Outpost? 400 dozen. Healthy Eats for Milwaukee. River west food pantry also took some. Will be making egg salad for Tandum (19th and Fond du Lac)  Katelyn Cullen.  Pay what you can.  Guest chefs come in to prepare meals. 50 glass mason jars to Tandum.  Peel dozens of eggs.  Organic, pasture raised. Cobb. 

Outreach Clinic down the street from Outpost. Iglacis Clinic. American Indian clinic. These are the people who are testing. 

Donations of food are still coming in. Raised $10,000 so far. Food is health. 

We're excited to announce we've added Covid-19 caregivers at Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers to those at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin receiving our weekly healthy, handmade and free meals. We were touched by this lovely "thank you" card from the team at Froedert. Info on how you can help keep this initiative going is in the About section of our Facebook page.

Kathy Papineau runs a catering company and a community kitchen in the Riverwest neighborhood. After the pandemic began, she teamed up with her friend, attorney Jay Urban, to create a grassroots organization called Healthy Eats for Milwaukee’s Hospital Heroes.

Urban provided an initial $5,000 seed investment to purchase organic food and the hospital-required individual packaging. Meanwhile, Kathy developed a menu of nutrient-dense foods, “brain food” as she calls it, to deliver to those nurses working on the front lines.

For the the last two weeks, the pair have served 120 meals each week to Froedtert. They’re also planning to cater an additional meal — brunch on Easter Sunday.

Learn more about their partnership in the interview above. You can also support the initiative on the group’s Paypal page.

"I believe anyone can eat healthy," she says. "And every day I work towards that."

The meals, which will be delivered at noon and 4:30 p.m. include Rushing Waters wild caught salmon burgers on a bed of organic quinoa with lemon, vegetables and avocado mousse; organic curry carrot soup, Outpost juice with an optional ginger shot; a silver dollar roll from Breadsmith and an energy ball comprised of organic dates, nuts and coconut.

The meals, packaged in reuseable mason jars, are the the product of an initiative called Healthy Eats for Milwaukee's Hospital Heroes, an initiative which aims to provide 120 freshly prepared meals once a week to frontline workers. The initiative also aims to support local food businesses which have seen a drop-off in business due to a reduction in sales from restaurant customers.

The initiative is a collaboration between Milwaukee attorney Jay Urban, who kicked off the project with a $5,000 matching donation and Kathy Papineau, owner of MKE Localicious Catering, who prepares the meals for delivery.

Thus far, the initiative has raised a total of $10,000; but more is needed to continue doing the work they are doing.

Donations are being accepted to support the continued work of Healthy Eats for Milwaukee's Hospital Heroes. Interested parties can donate directly through PayPal.

Checks can also be made out to MKE Localicious and sent to 531 E. Keefe Ave., Milwaukee, 53212.


May 05, 2020

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